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Libman delivers great customer service for cleaning product

In a recent post, I recommended some cleaning products I love. Another item that helps me conquer my cleaning chores is my Libman Tornado Mop. I know many people use Swiffer pads or sponge-based mops to clean their floors, but I’m convinced “old-school” mops do the best job of removing dirt and stuck-on food from my tile floors. I bought the Libman Tornado Mop because you can wring out the the mop head without getting your hands wet.

I also love the fact I can remove the mop head and toss it in my washing machine. My recent attempt to do that is what led to my contact with Libman’s customer service department. On the mop head replacement instructions, Libman clearly states you should take care not to lose the plastic connector that clips your mop head into place. Unfortunately, I did exactly that. I looked high and low for it in my laundry room, but I still can’t figure out where it went.

I contacted Libman by email and asked how I could obtain a replacement connector clip. An automatic response told me to expect a reply to my email within 48 business hours. I actually received a reply within 24 business hours. A customer service representative noted she had mailed the replacement part to me.

The package from Libman arrived quickly, and I was pleased to discover I was given three replacement clips — all free of charge.

Speedy customer service and free replacement parts are hallmarks of companies that care about customers. This great customer service experience has made me an even bigger believer in Libman products.


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