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Amazon delivers a quick refund on failed shredder

In my last post, I explained how an Amazon Basics shredder I’d purchased failed after just a few weeks of use and how impressed I was by my initial customer service experience with the company when reporting the problem. I promised to follow up after the transaction was complete.

I dropped off my broken shredder at a UPS store on Monday, Feb. 4. Return shipping was paid for by Amazon. Because I live so close to Amazon’s return processing facility, the company received received my shredder the day after I dropped it off. Today, two business days after the drop-off, I received a notification my return had been processed, followed by a notice of my refund.

Between the time I requested a return merchandise label and the date I shipped the item, I emailed a couple of questions to the Amazon customer service team. Each time, I received a prompt response.

After shipping my item, I could log into my Account, then select “Return or replace items” and “Manage my returns” to track my package. The only improvement I’d make to this section is adding the notification that the return was processed and the refund issued, but that is a very minor flaw.

Besides the fact my shredder was a poor quality product, I really have no complaints about my Amazon shopping experience. Within a week of requesting to return the item, I have my money back and can now purchase something else.

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