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Product review: Wristband pepper spray makes protection easier for runners, walkers and joggers

Companies who care about customers create products that address real-world problems. For those who run, jog or walk for exercise outdoors, safety can be a serious concern. Aggressive dogs and passersby who want to do you harm pose a real threat in many areas. But if your athletic wear doesn’t have pockets, it can be tough to carry along something to help you protect yourself.¬†For many months, I put up with the hassle of jogging with a can of pepper spray in my hand because of the peace of mind that it brought. Then, someone suggested a new product that makes it easier to work out while keeping your spray handy.

It’s called the Personal Savers Wrist Saver. The product has a 1/2-ounce can of pepper spray that slides into a pouch on a wristband you secure with Velcro. So, you basically wear it like a bracelet. There’s an extra pocket on the pouch where you can put a small identification card. The manufacturer says you can hit people up to 10 away from you with multiple blasts from this small canister.

Thankfully, I have not had to spray my canister, but I have worn it on my wrist frequently while jogging. The wristband feels a bit bulky, but it is a lot less cumbersome than running down the road and trying to hold a canister in your hand. The wrist saver comes in three colors: pink, black/pink and black/orange. You can also get it in two sizes (measure your wrist before ordering). A small LED light is included that functions like a tiny flashlight.

In addition to the Wrist Saver, Personal Savers sells pepper spray accessories designed specifically for biking and attaching to baby strollers. As with all personal protection products, be sure to read the instructions immediately after your purchase.

My one wish is that the pepper spray container that comes with the Personal Savers products were larger. The old canister I ran with contained one ounce of spray. Maybe I don’t need that much, but I felt it gave me a better opportunity to defend myself against multiple threats. I have decided the convenience of the Wrist Saver is worth the trade-off of the smaller container, though.

Do you have a go-to product for personal safety when exercising outdoors?

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