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Made in the USA: glass food storage containers

At my house, we try to make the most of leftovers, so we need lots of food storage containers to save them for future meals. Typically, we have stored the extra food in plastic containers, but lately, I’ve become concerned that these may be leaching chemicals into our food, especially when the food is heated. So, I set out in search of glass food storage containers made in the USA.

Pyrex glassware is made in the USA, and the company offers a mixture of shapes and sizes. I purchased two of these 6-cup rectangular pieces from Amazon — they are a great size for taking leftovers to work. I also have a 7-cup round Pyrex food storage bowl. Other available configurations include:

  • 1-cup round
  • 2-cup round
  • 4-cup round
  • 4.75-cup rectangle
  • 6-cup rectangle
  • 11-cup rectangle
  • Sets mixing various sizes

The manufacturer of Pyrex, World Kitchen, also offers another product line called Snapware®. Its plastic lids latch on all four sides of the glass container. Snapware is available in sets or as individual pieces and is made in America. Sizes include:

  • 1-cup round
  • 1-cup square
  • 2-cup rectangle
  • 4-cup square
  • 4-cup rectangle
  • 4-cup round
  • 6-cup rectangle

These products feature a lifetime limited warranty.

Anchor Hocking gives you another option for glass food storage bowls made in the USA. It offers a 10-piece TrueSeal storage set available from Amazon, Walmart and other retailers.  The set includes one 1-cup, 4-cup and 7-cup round containers plus two 2-cup containers. You can also buy individual sizes, such as these 11-cup rectangles. The product listings I reviewed did not offer warranty information for these products.

Rubbermaid also offers glass food storage containers made in America — well, sort of. The product packaging states the glass portion of the containers is made in the USA, while the lids are made in China. The products are currently available in a square configuration only. You can purchase the Rubbermaid glass containers in a set or individually in these sizes:

  • 11.5 cup
  • 8 cup
  • 5.5 cup
  • 4 cup
  • 2.5 cup
  • 1.5 cup
  • 1 cup

These products have a limited two-year warranty.

Are you aware of other glass food storage pieces made in the USA, or have you used any of those listed above? Share your knowledge and experiences so others can benefit.

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