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Earn free frequent flyer miles by reading product ads

In a previous post, I explained how you can earn frequent flyer miles on major airlines by using designated websites to complete your online shopping. I promised future tips on other methods for earning miles. Today, I’ll share a way you can earn miles without spending a dime.

e-Miles rewards you with frequent flyer miles for the time you spend reviewing advertisements and special offers on its website. You can also get bonus miles for purchasing the products advertised on e-Miles. Once you’ve accumulated 500 miles, you can deposit these into your account with Delta Air Lines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Air Tran Airways.

To sign up for e-Miles, you’ll need to complete a short online form. Be sure to have your frequent flyer account number handy for the airline on which you want to earn miles. Choose carefully, because it can be difficult to change to another designated airline later.

You can earn 275 miles just for completing the enrollment process. After that, e-Miles will send you emails to let you know when it has new ads for you to view. You go to the e-Miles website to see the ads and earn your miles. You will typically be asked two to three questions after viewing the ads.

While many ads are static web pages, some are video ads. Those you receive are based on the information you provide about your interests when creating your profile. When setting up your account, you can choose the frequency of e-Miles email notifications.

I’ve been an e-Miles user for a few years, and I’ve never had any trouble getting the miles I earn deposited into my frequent flyer account. I’ve earned thousands of miles without buying anything, and I cannot recall receiving any ads that I found offensive. For those who like to travel, e-Miles offers an easy way to get frequent flyer miles for free.

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