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Reliable brands with long-lasting, durable products

My paternal grandfather was a kind and generous man. When I moved away from my hometown in the fall of 1990 to attend college, he wanted to make sure I had all the essentials needed to furnish my off-campus apartment. So, he bought me several household items. Now, 22 years later, two of those items are still with me and are working great.

The first is a Dirt Devil canister vacuum. I have used it regularly over two decades and never had a moment’s trouble with it. This is despite the fact my mom used it to vacuum up drywall pieces on one occasion–not the recommended use of a household canister vacuum. I have no trouble finding replacement bags to fit this model. I also own a Dirt Devil upright vacuum I purchased about 17 years ago. While I have not used it as often as the canister model, it has performed reliably as well.

The second item my grandfather bought which is still with me today is a Sunbeam mixer. I don’t use it as often as I used to, but it has never failed to perform properly.

I’ve also found items manufactured by General Electric (GE) to be durable, long-lasting products. I own a GE chest freezer that was purchased about 10 years ago. We have not always treated it as well as we should (it weathered a few North Dakota winters in garages), but it has always been reliable. Because of its proven performance, when the time came to buy an upright freezer recently, I chose the GE brand. I also have a GE blender that has been in use for 12 years. An added benefit of being a GE customer is knowing some of the company’s appliances are made in the USA.

The products mentioned above were not “top-of-the-line” or expensive models, but all have performed admirably. Companies that care about customers make reliable products, and customers like me reward them with repeat business and referrals.

What brands and products do you own that have lasted for many years? Share your experiences to help others make wise shopping choices.


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