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Product review of Comet CM-MO7CD shredder: Finally, a shredder I can recommend!

Regular readers may recall a previous post where I relayed my terrible experience with an AmazonBasics shredder I purchased. The failure of that machine sent me in search of a replacement. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I found that to get a shredder with consistently high ratings across various websites, you have to be willing to spend at least $85 to $100. Because I need a reliable shredder and a cheaper model failed quickly, I decided to pony up $90 for the Comet CM-MO7CD, a 7-sheet shredder. (Amazon has since raised its price to $109.99.)

After owning the shredder for 2.5 months, I feel I can fairly evaluate it.

Things I like:

  • This is one of the quietest shredders I’ve ever owned. I used to dread shredding due to the noise, but this is no longer the case. According to its product description on the manufacturer’s website, this shredder produces 55 decibels (dB) of sound.
  • It has a 4-gallon, pull-out wastebasket for easy disposal of shredded materials. No more lifting a heavy shredder head every time I need to dump out the paper, and no more emptying a small wastebasket frequently.
  • The wastebasket has a window that allows you to see how close the wastebasket is to being full.
  • It is a micro-cut shredder that cuts materials into tiny pieces that would be practically impossible to reassemble into a readable document.
  • It has wheels, making it easier to move.

Things I don’t like:

  • The shredded paper tends to accumulate in the front of the wastebasket, when there is still empty space in the back. You have to pull the wastebasket out part way and shake it to create more room for additional shredding.
  • When you remove the wastebasket, some material falls from the shredder head into the base of the shredder.
  • You can only shred for 8 minutes at a time, then you have to take a 45-minute break before your next 8-minute session. This is probably the biggest drawback of the machine.
  • You can only shred 7 pieces of paper at a time, and letter-sized sheets have to be lined up just right to be picked up by the machine.
  • The shredder is a bit large, measuring 13.5 inches wide, 9.53 inches deep and 21.06 inches tall.

For those who need a higher-security shredder at a reasonable price, the benefits of this machine definitely outweigh the drawbacks. I would buy it again.

Do you have a shredder that performs well? Please post a comment with the details.

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