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Give the gift of your time this Christmas

This blog usually focuses on shopping-related topics, including ways to save money on gifts during the holidays. I’d like to change course just slightly today and encourage you to give the gift of your time this Christmas season.

Maybe you want to give to charity this year but don’t have the extra money in your budget. Any easy way to solve this problem is by donating a couple hours of your time to ring the red kettle bell for the Salvation Army. My husband, a friend and I did this last night, and it was a very rewarding experience. We got to greet and chat with people coming in and out of our neighborhood grocery store. In the slow periods, we talked with each other. During the two hours we stood there ringing the bell, we collected around $75 for the Salvation Army. The only cost to us was a few bucks to pay for our fuel to and from the bell-ringing location.

For me, the evening ended with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that the money we raised will provide much-needed meals, shelter or other assistance for those who are struggling during the holidays.

Have two hours to spare? Contact your local Salvation Army today and sign up for a shift as a bell ringer. You can find the Salvation Army office nearest you by visiting the organization’s website. Take a friend or family member along to share the joy of helping those less fortunate.

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