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Jump to the front of the line at the cell phone store

After stopping by a local store last week, I told my husband we should quit our jobs and go into the cell phone business. The place was packed, and people were waiting in line for assistance Since cell phone transactions can be quite complicated, I could tell it might be a long wait. A visit to another store a few days later revealed a similar scene.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover a service offered by AT&T Wireless corporate stores. You can make an appointment online for assistance at your local AT&T-owned store. When scheduling mine, I found numerous times to choose from. After selecting one, I received both an email and text confirmation. Then, the day of the appointment, I received email and text reminders of my meeting.

When I arrived at the store, I discovered what “appointment” means in AT&T’s dictionary. It means you go to the front of the line, bypassing customers who walked into the store without a service appointment. So, even though I had an appointment, I still had to wait a few minutes. In the store, AT&T has a display screen that reminds me of an airline “standby” list. The screen displays the first names of people with appointments on one screen, followed by a list of walk-in customers on another screen. When a service representative is available, she calls the next customer on the appointment list, and walk-in customers are served later.

Keep in mind not all stores bearing an AT&T logo are company-owned stores. Many of these are “authorized retailers,” but they won’t help you troubleshoot account issues to the level that a corporate store will. They also probably don’t accept appointments. Go to attwireless.com and choose “Find a Store” to locate your nearest AT&T-owned retail location, then use the “Make appointment” link to set up a time.

Verizon Wireless also allows customers to make appointments when they start at its Store Locator Web page, as does Sprint on its Make An Appointment page.

Have you tried making a cell phone store appointment? What was your experience?

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