A new way to get cash back while shopping on eBay

I was thrilled to receive a notification today that eBay is once again a part of Ebates. This means I now have two ways to earn cash back while shopping at the online auction site.

First, I earn eBay Bucks on each eBay purchase. These are credits that correspond to a percentage (currently 2 percent) of each purchase I make. The bucks accumulate for a quarter, then I can “spend” them on a future eBay purchase. I’ve found eBay is a source of many great deals — check out my previous post on the great finds eBay has on brand-name makeup.

Now, I can also earn cash back on eBay purchases through Ebates.com. If you’re not familiar with Ebates, check out this previous post for the details. It’s a free way to earn cash back on things you were going to buy anyway. Ebates cash comes to me quarterly in the form of a cash deposit into my Paypal account, so I can spend it any way I choose. Several months ago, eBay stopped participating in Ebates, so today’s notification that the arrangement has resumed was welcome news. Currently, you’ll earn 3 percent cash back for each eBay purchase made through Ebates.

In addition to makeup, I’ve found eBay is a good source for electronics accessories, such as iPod cases. I recommend using caution when purchasing electronics on eBay, though. I’ve had mixed results — screen sellers carefully before buying a phone or MP3 player on eBay. In addition to auction listings, eBay offers “Buy It Now” items that you can purchase immediately instead of competing with other buyers for an item. In some of these cases, you may end up paying more than you would have for an item if you’d participated in an auction.

Are you an eBay shopper? What types of items do you find the best deals on when shopping eBay?

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