Made in the USA: Dishes, dinnerware and serving pieces

When my  husband and I moved halfway across the country last year, we decided to leave our old dishes behind and buy new ones. It was important to me to buy lead-free dinnerware made in the USA. The shopping process proved harder than I’d expected. Not many companies sell dinnerware manufactured in the United States. I did find one whose plates I liked, however: The Homer Laughlin China Company. It’s been making dishes in America since 1871. The company is best known for its Fiesta line of dinnerware, which comes in a rainbow of colors.

I bought my Fiesta dinnerware from Macy’s. For online shoppers, the store seems to have the best prices and selection. Wait for one of their sales, and you’ll get very competitive prices. Fiesta’s dinnerware line offers you serving pieces and accessories, including platters, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers and cream containers. You can also buy baking dishes, flatware and glasses. While the company is best known for its solid-color dinnerware, it also offers diner-style and Christmas patterns. Plates are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

What about other manufacturers? Here’s what I’ve found:

Corelle: According to its parent company, World Kitchen, all Corelle dinnwerware are made in Corning, New York. However, the company indicates some of its dishes with decorations contain “low-lead enamels.” The company has not answered the email I sent a week ago asking whether its entire product lineup is made in the USA or only its dinnerware.

Pickard calls itself “America’s oldest fine china company” and says it has manufactured in the USA since 1874. The company’s china patterns are a mixture of understated and color options. While beautiful, they may not be an option for those on a tight budget. The company told me, “We use a low lead glaze system that is fully FDA compliant.”

Lenox says its fine bone china is made in Kinston, North Carolina. The company’s Made in America Web page features a dozen patterns with classic styles.

HF Coors says its dinnerware is lead-free, with all products made in the USA. While cheaper than Lennox and Pickard, its dishes seem to be more expensive than Fiesta.

Pfaltzgraff did not respond to my email asking where its dinnerware is made, but a variety of online sources indicate the company stopped manufacturing in the United States in 2005.

All Louisville Stoneware products are made in Louisville, Kentucky. The company has been in business since 1815 and bills itself as the “oldest handmade pottery dealer in the USA.” Its product lineup includes 19 dinnerware patterns, and a representative assures me all its products are lead-free.

Do you know of another source of dinnerware and accessories made in America? Please leave a comment so others can learn of additional options.


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12 responses to “Made in the USA: Dishes, dinnerware and serving pieces

  1. Heath ceramics–made in CA. Contemporary feel. Gorgeous stuff.

  2. Ann

    Hartstone Pottery – Ohio made! Very durable. More traditional.

  3. Another option is handmade dinnerware. Checking with local art councils or on the internet, many charming, durable sets can be found at prices competitive with manufactured wares.
    I have produced porcelain dinnerware for over 40 years and enjoy hearing of it being used for over a generation in many homes.
    Handmade would settle the question of lead content. Many people ask me about lead content. It isn’t as easy to get answers from a manufacturer. And potters, as small businesses, are not taking “government approved” low levels of lead to reduce firing costs as would many manufacturers, which is misleading to the public.

  4. louise

    Anchor hocking has datling dinnerware all made in america and lead free.

  5. Laura

    Just an FYI, World Kitchen (Corelle parent company) quotes on their website ”
    CORELLE glass compressing process which manufactured CORELLE bowls and plates is not applicable to make CORELLE cup, mug’s shapes with handles and foot of Chinese rice bowl. Hence, CORELLE cups, mugs and Chinese rice bowl are manufactured in Japan using an ultra hard porcelain material which is almost similar to CORELLE glass in strength and color”.

  6. Bauer ware is made in Los Angeles. They still make the traditional Bauer ware, and have a line of Russel Wright reproductions.

  7. Diane Rupnow

    Emerson Creek Pottery near Bedford, Virginia makes gorgeous dinnerware from local clay. All dishes are hand painted on site and the patterns they offer are gorgeous. I purchased “Tuscan Olive” 3 years ago and they are as beautiful today as when I purchased them.

  8. Lynne

    I love my Fiestaware.
    My grandmother had the earlier collections. When I grew up I knew I wanted some too. I know they are made in the USA.
    J.C. Penny’s carries them also. ( least last time I checked ) and you can also buy them off eBay. Just make sure they are not seconds unless it may not matter. If it is not in a conspicuous spot, sometimes it’s OK with me.
    Just my two cents here.

  9. Tanya Goset

    I’m looking for a company to make me a set of dishes using my pattern. Is that possible?

  10. jeredspottery

    We make a full line of dinnerware here in Richmond California from a majority of local California clay. Our work has been tested in some of the busiest restaurants in America. we will have a full on-line store up soon. Thanks to everyone who wants to keep their business in the U.S.A.

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