Walmart offers cheap personal checks

While online bill payment is an efficient way to pay your utility company, mortgage holder and other debtors each month, chances are you still need a supply of paper checks to meet some financial obligations. Purchasing them directly from your bank can be costly business, but a host of online companies offers cheaper alternatives. These are often companies that specialize in address labels, business cards and other printed materials.

But you might be surprised to learn that one of the nation’s largest retailers also sells checks online—Walmart. Its checks are affordably priced, and a recent order I placed confirmed the company provides fast, reliable service.

Walmart check prices start as low as $5.96 for a box of 150 single checks and 30 deposit tickets. I chose checks with a decorative pattern in this price range, then paid $1.95 to add a fraud-protection package to my purchase. Shipping cost me $3.25. My total purchase with tax came to $11.83. I ordered my checks on Wednesday, Feb. 22 and received them on Friday, March 1.

Walmart emailed me a confirmation after I placed my order, then followed up with an email to notify me my order had shipped. The company’s correspondence included a picture of the type of packaging that would be used to ship my order. The company does not ship checks in a traditional check box, so would-be thieves would not easily recognize what’s in its packaging. A check register was included with my order, and the print quality of the checks was great.

In addition to single checks, Walmart sells duplicate checks, business checks and extra deposit slips and check registers. Available check patterns range from landscape scenes and floral designs to Disney characters and checks you design yourself.

Walmart’s prices are very competitive with other check-printing services. For example, Walmart sells a box of 150 single checks with a mountain scene for $5.96. Similar checks sold by Current cost $9.99, and you only get 125 checks in your order. A box of 125 mountain checks from Checks in the Mail is priced at $14.99.

I’ve ordered checks directly from online retailers for years and never had any issues with them being processed by my bank. Walmart claims its checks save you up to 50 percent off the costs of checks ordered through your bank. If your bank doesn’t provide you with free checks on your account, consider this retail giant when ordering your next box.


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7 responses to “Walmart offers cheap personal checks

  1. I’ve ordered checks from Walmart online as well, and I have been very happy with them. Very affordable. No problems with them being honored. Service is very prompt.

  2. sue

    I just received my first set of checks from Walmart and the print quality is terrible. I’ve sent them an email and waiting to hear back.

  3. Jan

    Ordered the 150 cks for $5.95 with no additional fees for delivery speed or tracking and received them in 10 days. My bank wanted to charge 3 times the amount. Bank warned of magnetic ink not processing, we’ll see. Blue safety was my preference and the blue lines are a little darker than “Checks by Mail” version, but nothing I can’t deal with.

  4. Linda

    I have ordered wal-mart checks for years and never had an issue.
    Checks were good quality and the themes to pick from a great..

  5. Bonita

    The checks are cheap, but then when you checkout, there is a processing fee, which ls about $4 per box – not so cheap any more = (

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