Where to find substantial savings on brand-name batteries

From singing stuffed toys and toddler learning tables to MP3 players, alarm clocks and remote controls, the demand for batteries around your home may seem endless. The cost to run all those gadgets can add up quickly, with a four-pack of brand-name AA batteries costing as much as $5.50 or more at your local drugstore.

If you’re willing to buy batteries in bulk and wait for a good deal on shipping, you can find substantial savings by purchasing batteries online. I got good pricing and service from a website called Medic Batteries. Check out these price comparisons:

AA batteries: Walgreens sells a four-pack of Duracell alkaline AA batteries for $5.49 online ($1.37 each), while Walmart sells a 24-count package for $10.97 (46 cents each). At Medic Batteries, you can get a set of 48 for $18.72 (39 cents each).

AAA batteries: Walmart sells a pack of 20 AAA Duracell alkaline batteries for $12.97 (64 cents each).  You can get 24 Duracell Procell AAA batteries for $10.08 at Medic Batteries (42 cents each).

9-volt batteries: The high cost of 9-volts led to my initial discovery of the Medic Batteries website. Five Rayovac 9-volt batteries cost $9.97 on the Walmart website ($1.99 each). Medic offers a 12-pack of the Rayovac UltraPro 9-volt batteries for $15 ($1.25 each).

Not every product sold by Medic Batteries offers you a great deal. If you’re looking for rechargeable batteries, Medic may not be your best bet; the company offers a limited supply of these. Also, the company’s pricing on some types of Energizer batteries may not beat what you can find elsewhere. However, if you buy quantities larger than those listed above, your cost per battery typically decreases—consider ordering with a friend to get better bulk pricing.

On a typical day, you have to spend quite a bit of money on the Medic Batteries website to qualify for free shipping. Sign up for the company’s e-newsletter, and you’ll occasionally receive free shipping offers. I recommend waiting for one of these, then ordering all the batteries you think you’ll use in the next year or two. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck. Avoid paying for shipping on this site, as doing so will reduce your overall savings per battery. Newsletter subscribers also receive promo codes that can wipe away most of the standard shipping cost.

Have you found better battery prices online or elsewhere? Share your tips to help others save.

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